Who played drums for James Brown?

Written by on 19 April 2022

By R J Holland:-

James Brown had one of the best drummers that ever lived drumming for him. Clyde Austin Stubblefield. Clyde drummed for Brown from 1965 to 1970. He was one of the more famous drummers that played for Brown.

When he retired from James Brown he settled in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin and continued playing drums in his local band The Clyde Stubblefield Band. He passed in 2017 at only 73. Another great drummer left us too early.

Sunday Whiskey Blues

Clyde Stubblefield was the one who came up with the Funky Drummer beat in James Brown’s Funky Drummer song.

One of the earliest ‘funk’ drummers, his drum patterns are used a lot in modern hip hop songs.

Here is the fantastic Clyde Stubblefield and James Brown doing Funky Drummer in the video below. Great beat to learn.

A big drummer’s salute to Clyde Stubblefield.

16ths on the hi-hat with some beautiful barks and great hits on the snare with tasty ghost notes. Now THAT’S funk drumming at its finest.

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