Who is the singer who smacked Mick Jagger for touching his guitar?

Written by on 24 February 2022

By Rocci Disopa:-

Nope… Keith Richards got punched by Chuck Berry!

In an almost forgotten moment, Keith Richards tells a funny story about getting punched in the face by Chuck Berry in New York. Apparently, Berry was performing one night in New York in 1986. Richards attended the gig and ended up backstage in his dressing room after the show.

What bands had all members lead vocalists, like Moby Grape?

Berry was collecting his money from the promoter (yep, Berry did those sort of things himself, a legendary tightwad). When he came back into the dressing room, Keith had picked up the guitar and was strumming it… well, let Keith finish telling you the story.

above: the hilarious Keith Richards on The Tonight Show tells all…

Richards is known for hyperbole, so if you don’t want to hear him rattle on, fast forward to about the two-minute mark. A gem from 2014. Chuck Berry’s greatest hit!

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