Who is the best heavy metal drummer?

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5 Best heavy metal drummers

Who are the best heavy metal drummers? There are a lot and I will only mention those who touched me and some who are not very famous yet should be in the top ten of the best heavy metal drummers. Drums are very important, drums are like the beat of the heart and we feel like moving to advance listening to a good drummer. Drummers are powerful and give the backbone of the song, the rhythm section with the bass player.

1 Neil Peart

What I love with Neil Peart of Rush, even if he was not a heavy metal drummer, I put rock drummers here too. Was the very unique way to come out from a solo, and the way his drum solos were designed on a non-four four-time signature. Most songs are designed to be easy they are called the four-four time signatures.

Most of the Rush songs are complicated and to come out of a solo in this fashion you almost need a time machine in your head. Best heavy metal drummer, what I love with Rush is that they play to the benefit of the band and not their personal ambition or glory. Even when Neil Peart did a solo it was for the song. Best heavy metal drummer in the world.

Can we say Neil Peart is the best heavy metal drummer in the world? Well, there are things that Dave Lombarod does that Neil Peart could not do like a double bass drum. But the gifts these best metal drummers gave were quite unique

2 Dave Lombardo

Dave Lombardo Slayer’s drummer his skill and speed with the double bass drum is quite unique in the drum world. I remember seeing Billy Cobham play super fast the double bass drum, but Dave Lombardo would be better.

Dave Lombardo put the power in the Slayer sound, with the tempo changes and the sudden drum beat accelerations. Best metal drummer in the world Dave Lombardo could be the best thrash metal drummer in the world. Slayer would not have been the same with a lesser skilled drummer. They say a really good drummer and singer made the band.

You could have an excellent guitar player, but with a lame drummer, it is not going to cut it. Best heavy metal drummer. Dave Lombardo is number two here. We could mention hundreds of amazing best metal drummers in the world. But space is not enough

3 Scott Rockenfield

Scott Rockenfield is a Queensryche drummer I always remember how he played on Queen of the Ryche .. Quite an intense drummer and super fast and powerful drum fills and solos.

In this song queen of the ryche the drum part is quite amazing. It involves a very fast double bass drum, with fast fills and a powerful rhythm groove. Scott Rockenfield has it all when it comes to the best metal drummer in the world

4 Bobby Rondinelli

Bobbi Rondinelli played with Rainbow on songs such as death alley driver. Bobbi Rondinelli is also a less famous drummer than Scott Rockenfeld. Both are some of the best heavy metal drummers in the world

The way Bobbi Rondinelli flipped his drum stick at the same time coming on time on the fills. His amazing groves. To have the best metal drummer in the world. Some of them are very good in groves such as Peter Criss of Kiss I consider Peter Criss to be the best grove in the world. Some of them are excellent in solos, yet lame in grooving. Scott Rockenfield and Bobbi Rondinelli are both excellent in grove and solos. They are ranked in the best heavy metal drummer list

5 Lars Ulrich or Gar Samuelson

Should I add Lars Ulrich of Metallica or Gar Samuelson of Megadeth killing is my business?

I do not know why some people have been talking bad about Lars Ulrich’s skills in the last few years. It is funny in the early day Lars Ulrich was considered one of the best heavy metal drummers in the world

Lars Ulrich is the ultimate example of a drummer who plays in unity and does not try to show off for no reason. And it pays off in the overall Metallica sound. Best metal drummer in the world Lars Ulrich of Metallica

The tightness of the band in songs like One of master of puppets shows the amazing innovation and drum skills of Lars Ulrich the fast snare fills then doing the same on the bass drum. Quite an original drummer Lars Ulrich best heavy metal drummer

Besides Neil Peart and John Bonham, who would be next in line for the best drummer ever?

In number five of the best metal drummer I need to add Gar Samuelson; his performance in killing is my business Megadeth. I think this is one of the most amazing drum albums of all time. The extremely fast fills and power is given to the Megadeth songs Best heavy metal drummer Gar Samuelson what a stunning album is killing is my business

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