Who are some famous rock stars who were known to abstain from the temptations that typically come with that life?

Written by on 5 February 2022

By Remy Giudicelli:-

Surprisingly, Mick Jagger.

Though his name has kind of become synonymous with the rock and roll lifestyle, he didn’t lead the outrageous hedonistic lifestyle for as long as you may think.

What people don’t realise about Mick Jagger is that he is a control freak. Jagger stated that his need for a sense of control is what may cause him to pretty much abstain from heavy drug and alcohol use from pretty much 1970-something onward. He stopped smoking around then, too. He is a businessman foremost and takes great care of himself with infrequent and rigorous exercise routines. No wonder he has stayed in top shape his whole life. Another reason why he began to abstain from heavy drug use was due to his counterpart Keith Richards, who was a raging heroin addict from 1968ish-1980. Moreover, band founder Brian Jones died from drug-induced drowning in 1969. Therefore, the band sort of needed a leader and manager to hold them together during their drug-fueled turbulent times, especially following their exile to France in 1971. Mick, therefore, took responsibility to fill this role in many ways.

Though it is unquestionable that Mick did not, does not and will never abstain from the sexual side of the rock and roll lifestyle. And so he shouldn’t. Cause he’s fkin Mick Jagger. If you enjoyed this please drop a follow as I’m really trying to grow my page. Thank you:)

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