Which A-list celebrity could go unnoticed when out in public, and why?

Written by on 29 October 2022

By Vitmor:-


Ed Sheeran likes to take his celebrity friends down to his local pub in Suffolk. Most times someone will recognize him or his friends and will ask for an autograph or picture and some will try to start a conversation with them.

But when he took Taylor Swift to the pub, no one recognized them. He told Kiss Breakfast:

I took Taylor there once, but when I took Taylor no one really clocked [it was her]. It was like a week later that the person behind the bar was like, ’Did you bring Taylor Swift in here last week?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ Like, no one clocked it at the time.

So it appears that Taylor can go unnoticed when she’s walking around in public, at least in Suffolk.

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