Where would you rank Pete Townshend among the top rock guitarists of the 1970s?

Written by on 16 June 2022

I would rank him, Pete Townshend, right up there with some of the most influential guitarists of the 70s.

As a rhythm guitarist and a songwriter he was one of the very best. As a lead guitarist, he was not.

He wasn’t a lead guitar player like Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton. He didn’t have that kind of ability, but his rhythm guitar playing and songwriting were top-notch. I’d say Townshend is close to being on par with Keith Richards as an iconic 70s guitarist.

Keith Richards is a bigger icon than Pete Townshend because Keith was in The Rolling Stones and because Keith has that image. You know the one I mean. “The ultimate rock star.”

Why did Mark Knopfler not attend the induction of Dire Straits into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Richards was the rock star that nothing could kill. Richards seems to be doing his best to self-destruct and just kept on living in spite of it. As a guitarist and songwriter though, I think Townshend is right up there with Richards.

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