Whatever happened to the 70s and early 80s duo Captain and Tennille?

Written by on 13 January 2022

By Ron Wagner: –

Before becoming famous with her husband Daryl Dragon, Toni Tennille was a favorite of mine because she was the first “girl” in The Beach Boys. Those were the days before The Beach Boys became a sad parody of themselves and I bought their later albums, like “Sunflower” and “Surfs Up,” which were beautiful and I still listen to them regularly. Some of my favorite songs of all time are from “Sunflower.” And she was a Beach Boy then.

The Beach Boys and Girl

Dragon had been a studio musician with The Beach Boys and he introduced her to the band and they took her on the road. Too bad they didn’t change their name to The Beach Boys and Girl. LOL!

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I loved her, you know, fantasy style. She was cute, she could play piano, and sing and she was a Beach Boy—before they became a joke. And it’s okay for me to say they became a joke because I bought 26 of their albums before they did, so I was a huge fan. But they blew up. So sad. Anyway . . .

The Captain and Tennille Era

In 1974 she teamed up with Dragon and they got married on the advice of their accountant to save on taxes. Not a good reason to get married as you will learn if you read the Wiki article below.

The question is, what happened to them after their short run of fame?

They remaining married for 40 years, but in a pretty sad marriage. They divorced in 2014. But remained friends until his death in 2019.

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