What guitar techniques should you practice everyday?

Written by on 22 January 2022

By Alan Q. Balkany:-

I recommend speed picking. A single fingered note, pick as fast as you can, loudly. Alternate up/downstrokes. Strive for CLEAR notes. Strive for minimum pick movement while still doing it loudly. Your speed will improve with time.

Variations: Do this on different strings, which require a slightly different technique. Try emphasizing the first note of each group; the first of four notes is the most important. The first of three is a little harder.

By eliminating changing notes (e.g. scales) from this exercise, you can focus on your picking technique more effectively.

I like changing to a different note after 4 or 8 picks, e.g. the notes of a pentatonic scale, which covers all the strings and keeps it more interesting.

It’s good to do this with a metronome.

Don’t neglect scales and arpeggios. The above exercise will help with these indirectly.

This is how you become a fast guitarist.

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