What drummer is so stylistically unique that you can always recognize them, even if you don’t know the song?

Written by on 1 May 2022

Bernard Purdie came up with the Purdie Half Time Shuffle. The guy is a phenomenal drummer. If you are listening to a song and say, “Holy shit, what fantastic drumming. This drummer is showing up everyone on the record and the thing you notice most is the drumming!”

Well, that’s Bernard Purdie. Listen to him take over this whole song. It’s the drumming you notice more than anything else. I don’t know if Mr Purdie was pissed off during this recording session (I did my best drumming when I was pissed off) or he just said, “F—K it, I’m doing this MY way!”

Below Ooh Child Things Are Going to Get Easier by The Five Stairsteps featuring one of the best session drummers who ever lived, Bernard Purdie.

Oh, and another drummer you could tell was doing the drumming right away, your favourite and mine, the rough, the tough, Dave Clark of The Dave Clark Five below.

Was Chuck Berry a good musician?

The man knew how to stylize drumming. You knew it was him right away. Listen to the way he comes into those rolls early. Great Rogers drum sound. Terrific.

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