What band should have made it big time but never did?

Written by on 14 October 2022

By Chris Coleman:

By far and away, the answer for many other musicians and me is King’s X.

They have been around as a working band since the late 1970s and had a few videos on MTV in the early 90s, but none of their songs was ever notable hits and after producing 14 albums, none have charted significantly. Most of the general public has never heard of them, but professional rock, metal and alternative musicians know them very well.

King’s X is not only highly original in their songwriting, pioneering what some have called: “groove rock,” but they are all three exceptional musicians. Their complex harmonies, use of unusual chord arrangements, drop-tuning, open tuning and the blending of a variety of styles, from metal, punk, classic rock, prog rock, funk, blues and pop have created a style that no one can put a finger on, and they cannot be put into a neat categorical box. This is perhaps the biggest reason why popularity eludes them.

As musicians, they shun the music industry machine, rebelliously and creatively writing and performing whatever they want. Commercially this hasn’t been a good plan, but you can’t argue with the extremely unique and stunning compositions, or with their incredible musicianship.

I highly recommend them…

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