What band name has a disturbing meaning?

Written by on 19 July 2022

“Spandau Ballet”

Innocuous 80s Britpop band.

The name has a somewhat murky origin and no one agrees which is the exact right meaning but all meanings are somewhat sinister.

One possible reference is to the coal-black gallows humour of WW1 commenting on the British troops being machined-gunned by the Germans while trying to cross no man’s land and the jerky motions they made when the first rounds struck them.

“Oi, look, they’re doing the Spandau Ballet”

Another references the jerky motions of the prisoners in Spandau Prison, while they were being hung.

No long drop and a short stop, like most hangings.

You had the noose, often made of thin wire, and then you were pulled up off the ground, so you either strangled slowly or the wire cut into your neck and you bled out.

Either way, “Spandau Ballet” references an awful way to die.

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