Was Stevie Ray Vaughan better than Jimmy Page?

Written by on 11 January 2022

By David Virgil- Songwriter (1972–present):-

I’ve had the pleasure of opening up for Stevie Ray Vaughn in 1988 and have also seen Page play live. It really is apples and oranges to some extent except if you compare them playing blues and even then opinion comes into play. So I will just give my opinion. When it comes down to blues SRV was hard to beat period. I was also friends with Johnny Winter who was a true blues musician and I thought Stevie was better than him too. SRV wrote some of the best blues songs I’ve ever heard and played them beautifully. No doubt in my mind Stevie was possibly the most talented blues guitarist in the world.

Now as a rock guitarist I would definitely give the nod to Page. He was one of the most iconic rock guitarists in the music business. Page played a blues-based style with a little something extra that was pure rock genius. He has a style that just grabs you and makes you wish you could play like him.

Both were fantastic guitarists and masters of the type of music that they played. As a blues guitarist, I would have to pick Stevie and as a rock guitarist easily it was Page.

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