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Matt Linden · M.Div from Drew University (Graduated 1995) In the past twenty years or so Keith Richards’ guitar playing has been hindered by arthritis. During live shows Ron Wood, Mick Jagger and Blondie Chaplin have been able to cover for Keith on the nights he has his flare ups. If you watch carefully on […]

Amy Christa Ernano · lifelong rock & roll fan, sometime singer I assume “band” means “artist”, so I nominate Pat Benatar. How the hell is she not in there yet? My childhood wouldn’t have been my childhood without Pat. She was an inspiration to girls of my generation: a petite, 5′0 rock and roll powerhouse […]

Andrew Smith · Former Music Staff Member and On-Air Talent at WNDY, 91.3 FM, Wabash College Radio (1985–1989) U2’s fourth album, 1984’s The Unforgettable Fire, was a noticeable departure from their previous three albums. Their first three albums were produced by Steve Lillywhite; they had no synthesizer or keyboard treatments (save a digital piano on […]

Oh, man, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, Cardiff, 1966. I don’t know what the hell they were on, but they were damn sure on something. Among the most memorable performances of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” you’ll find — just not necessarily in a good way. Honorable mention: C.C. DeVille of Poison out of […]

After 46 years, Neil Young unearths a lost but highly consequential album, a collection of humble, stripped-back love songs he began writing at what was arguably the artistic zenith of his career. For a certain kind of music lover, there’s nothing more alluring than a “lost” album. Unlike a record that was merely “scrapped” or […]

Who says he didn’t? Here’s a photo of Ronnie. Can you tell who that is on his t-shirt? (Hint: it’s Neil.) Van Zant was a proud Southerner and a self-professed “hillbilly”, but he was not a bigot, nor were his band-mates. So when he heard Neil Young’s songs “Southern Man” and “Alabama”, he judged them, […]

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