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Patricia Edwards: – You’re asking it the wrong way, there would not have ever been a Rolling Stones without Brian Jones. He was the initiator, the founder by himself without the input of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, or anyone else. He put out advertisements around the clubs and whatnot in London. So that’s kind of it no […]

By R J Holland For me it’s Funk 49. Great song. Three piece group of excellent musicians, The James Gang at the time of the recording consisted of Joe Walsh on guitar, Dale Peters on bass guitar and and Jim Fox on drums. Rousing song that always got them on the dance floor when my […]

By Scott Goldman:- In the song “Ain’t No Sunshine”, Bill Withers continues to sing “I know, I know” repeatedly, over and over. Others who recorded the song, with the seemingly endless repetition, include Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Prince, Sting, Isaac Hayes and Tom Jones. However, “I know” was never a part of the lyrics. Withers […]