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You’ve already missed the limited-time-only window: Daft Punk broadcast a one-off stream of a concert recorded before they began wearing helmets By Jazz Monroe February 22, 2022 Daft Punk, April 2006 (Karl Walter/Getty Images) Today, on the first anniversary of their breakup, Daft Punk are airing a one-off stream of a rare 1997 concert, recorded before they began wearing […]

By Derek Blevins:- Is there a rock musician who got fired from their band who wound up being bigger than that band? Irelands Skid Row, fired their singer because they thought he was not good enough, but apparently, the guitarist Brush Shields taught him to play bass in compensation. He went on to form Thin […]

By Ken Miyamoto:- Yes. And Harrison Ford later (jokingly) said that the experience almost sent him to a Jesuit monastery. The year was 1968. Ford, as Harrison Ford lore goes, was busy working as a carpenter. He was trying to break into the industry though. He had a few bit parts in movies, but that […]

By Joanne Babic:- Although performers from most genres of music from folk to Country to Psychedelic Pop and Rock were at Woodstock, many popular acts of the time were not there. It didn’t have anything to do with age. The oldest person to take the stage was more than 20 years older than Elvis and […]

By Shane Michaels:- I suppose it would be easy enough to go with Rush (Neil Peart), The Eagles (Don Henley) or Genesis (Phil Collins) and just be satisfied that you answered the question…My custom Harley Davidson chopper, before it’s untimely demise, had two words painted on it…”Never Satisfied”…so my answer is going to go back […]

By Rocci Disopa:- Nope… Keith Richards got punched by Chuck Berry! In an almost forgotten moment, Keith Richards tells a funny story about getting punched in the face by Chuck Berry in New York. Apparently, Berry was performing one night in New York in 1986. Richards attended the gig and ended up backstage in his […]

The Spice Girls are tipped to reunite for a special performance as part of HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations – with even Victoria Beckham set to return to the stage. The ladies have reportedly been asked to take to the stage as a full band – with Mel B, Emma Bunton, Mel C, Geri Horner and Vicky all expected […]

Answered by Robert Grabowski:- An icon of the era, and now a Nobel laureate, Dylan missed Woodstock even though he lived close to the upstate New York venue. Bob, at his home in Woodstock Popular legend has it that Dylan was so annoyed at the constant stream of hippies showing up at his door that […]

By Scott MacFeeters: – Roger Daltrey was the rhythm guitarist and bandleader for The Who. When he saw that the singer was getting all of the attention he fired him and took over that job. Then it was the lead guitar player and the drummer who got all of the attention. Daltrey just couldn’t win.

By Rocci Disopa:- The Eagles… Formed in 1971 in Los Angeles, Ca. The Eagles would go on to be one of the biggest selling acts in entertainment, period. And still going strong in the new millennia too. The original lineup of Bernie Leadon and Glen Frey on guitars, with Don Henley & Randy Meisner on […]

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