The Beatles had not one, but two musical weak links: Stuart Sutcliffe, bass player 1960–61. Sutcliffe was a friend of Lennon’s from Liverpool College of Art and a highly talented painter. He knew a little music and Lennon and McCartney persuaded him to buy a bass guitar and join their group. He accompanied them on […]

It was ELO’s vocalist Jeff Lynne, an Englishman, that at times could sound very much like John Lennon. Along with their harmonies and some of the song melodies, they did have, in certain songs, a Bestlesque sound. And as a drummer, I certainly give a nod to their terrific drummer Bev Bevan.

PLAYING TRACKS BY Moods, Two Another, The Vision, Dames Brown, Opolopo, Angela Johnson, Micky More, Andy Tee, Reverendos Of Soul, Micky More, Andy Tee, Groove Assassin and more.

Soulside Radio presents Merry Christmas / Joyeux Noël special session mixed by Staffan Thorsell Finest Deep, Groove, Disco & soulful house music selection.

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Lēmmy in Mötorhead – Bändleader, Fröntman, Songwriter, Lover & Fighter & Bass Slayer Sting in the Police – Bandleader, Frontman, Songwriter & Bass Player Phil Lynott in Thin Lizzy – Bandleader, Frontman, Songwriter, Charisma, Visionary & Bass Player Any band with Bootsy Collins – James Brown & the JBs, Parliament & Solo – A Sideman, then, Bandleader, […]

Mary gave many interviews within several days after Freddie’s death. Later articles about Mary would appear in the press not very often. Sometimes we can see that Mary contradicts herself telling about certain things. In David Wigg’s article written in 2013 Mary says: “[Freddie had] warned me that the house was going to be more […]

Way back in the 1950’s the Isely brothers Kelly, Rudolph, and Ronald would begin their lives in music by performing gospel music at local churches in an around the Cinncinati, Ohio area where they were raised. The brothers would form a quartet with their brother Vernon being a member, the quartet travelling the south performing […]

Buckethead is an amazing, extremely skilled and creative musician, and well… certainly not what you call a “normal” person. I can’t think of a better example of someone keeping up such an eccentric behavior for so many years and yet enjoying a successful, prolific career at the same time. What’s so special about the man? What-rock-bands-have-the-most-talented-musicians […]

Tracklist This show features tracks by Guz, Dennis Ferrer with Dawn Tallman, Francis Overcast, Gorgon City + DRAMA, The Shapeshifters Feat. Billy Porter and more.

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