It’s one of the greatest grooves in drum history. Made up of parts of the Bernard Purdie Half Time Shuffle and the beat John Bonham used in Fool in the Rain which Bonham borrowed from Purdie actually, but what Jeff Porcaro did was he made the whole thing his own. It’s actually quite a bit […]

Nick Mason “Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason reveals that the band was starstruck when they met the Beatles when the two acts were at the same recording space in the ’60s. Pink Floyd were laying down tracks for their first album, ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn,’ in London’s Abbey Road studios at the same time the […]

Fired then went out on their own and found recognition. Hmmmm… Yep, has been known to happen a few times. Musicians being human often disagree on a multitude of issues, some important some not so much. Being a part of a group of talented people striving together toward a goal requires a great deal of […]

Sweet! I mean that literally in addition to being the band name in question. The Sweet/Sweet are a British rock band that came to the music loving public’s attention in the 1970’s fast becoming a radio staple. The band came into being as the group “ Unit 4” in 1962, evolving into “The Sweetshop” in […]

When someone sings on a Phil Spector-produced track, their voice sounds very special in a way only Spector achieved. How did Phil Spector achieve that vocal quality that’s so common throughout his songs? Phil Spector.. This guy? Ok, well apparently for one thing he had a near obsessive control over the production of songs in […]

OK, first lets identify the lineup which was Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith , Peter Tork & Davy Jones. The group The Monkees was assembled for a television show by the same name back in 1966 and only Nesmith and Tork had experience as musicians prior to this turn of events. The show was essentially about […]

Statistics lie. If they don’t exactly lie they can warp the truth and create the illusion that something is when it really isn’t. In 1964, The Beatles set a record by having 14 singles in the US top 100 charts. In 2017, Ed Sheeran had 16 songs in the top 20! Sheeran smashes The Beatles’ […]

Carter Beauford, is truly one of the best drummers out there today. Drummer of The Dave Matthews Band. Beauford also drummed for Santana. My youngest son, an exceptional drummer himself, introduced me to this band and I’m so glad he did. The band is very good but the drummer is phenomenal. Read: Why-do-some-consider-Ringo-Starr-and-Meg-White-to-be-such-bad-drummers Known for […]

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