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Jeff Lewis – Answered: George did ring Paul to ask him to participate at Madison Square Garden but the concert fell short only a three months after the big court case that effectively dissolved the Beatles Ltd. Paul didn’t understand why after fighting George, Ringo and John for so long in court he would jump […]

Blood and Feces, GG Allin did it first If it was gross, anti-social and wouldn’t directly lead to the death of an audience member GG Allin was the man to do it. The only time I saw him live he began the show with a box of puppies and a milking pail. Handing the pail […]

I’ll give you my personal top three. Runnin’ Down a Dream. Peter Bogdanovich directed this 2007 gem about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Petty himself was a sincerely charming and engaging guy, and the story of the band, from their beginnings in Gainesville, Florida, to the top of the charts and beyond, is genuinely absorbing. […]

By Keith Caulfield 1/19/2021 The collaborative album also enters at No. 1 on Americana/Folk Albums & No. 3 on Top Country Albums. Barry Gibb’s all-star collaborations album Barry Gibb & Friends: Greenfields – The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1 debuts at No. 2 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart (dated Jan. 23), after selling 24,000 copies in the U.S. in the […]

Even if you never listen to the Beatles or think they are all that special, most of you already know they were the biggest music act of all time and had a huge influence. But most of you don’t know why they broke up. That was a big day in history as well. How-did-The-Beatles-come-up-with-the-song-back-in-the-USSR Per […]

R J Holland – Answered: Once you know how to drum and it comes easy to you, it’s not that hard to sing and drum. I have been a professional drummer for thirty years and I sing. It may be difficult when you are learning to play drums to sing and drum at the same […]

Yes he did and the fish didn’t like it. Truthfully, it wasn’t that good either I hate to say. It’s the kind of drum solo done when you don’t know your rudiments. Still like the guy though. Keith also did a song called The Ox on their first LP. that was close to a solo. […]

Marcus Lundgren – Answered: That depends on what you mean by “soul”. I can think of 2 ways to interpret your question, so I will give you 2 answers, just in case. Arguably the most famous example of a musician who supposedly literally sold his soul is the late, unbelievably great Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson (1911–1938) This […]

Different people have had different reasons to dislike Pink Floyd. Here are a few reasons: They use machines to make all their music, and they aren’t a real band. (False) Musically, they aren’t all that good. (I disagree). Their music is demented and insane (I disagree) and encourages people to take LSD and damage their […]

After the band Cream broke up, Eric Clapton wanted to join a music group that he had just heard for the first time, but he never got up the nerve to ask them. What group was this? Clapton was not so pleased anymore with the heavy rock blues-rock he did with Cream. When he heard […]