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By Ralph Gould:- Former Former Radio/ TV Engineer for 40 Years:- I used to master records in the mid 1970’s. The signal to noise on a good lacquer disc was around 67 dB below the peak levels. Bass frequencies are converted to mono below 100 Hz or so to keep the cutting stylus from lifting […]

“I went to jail for 11 days for disturbing the peace; I was trying to disturb the war.” Joan Baez   “I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.” Lewis Carroll

By Dave Andrew:- It’s happened to all of us, but I’ll focus on this fine singer: This, of course, is Melanie Safka, usually known by her first name only. She was performing her song “Animal Crackers” at Carnegie Hall, and after one verse she started vamping on her guitar as the audience clapped in time. […]

By Gary L Kelly:- Were they ever the biggest band of their time? When you look at British bands solely, you would rank them right up there. Probably in order, I would rank them as follows: (1) The Beatles (2) Rolling Stones (3) Led Zeppelin (4) Pink Floyd (5) The Who Other popular British bands […]

By Francine Carole:- ERIC CLAPTON Racist Steals his best friends wife Married best friends wife only to subject her to a life of drug addiction, womanizing and physical abuse…leaves her with next to no money. Ripped off JJ Cales royalties for After Midnight & Cocaine. (Court Settlement sorted it out) Narcissistic cry baby. Monumental Douchebag […]

By Alex Johnston:- The Beatles didn’t have a ‘pure rock and roll start’. The Quarry Men, 1958: l to r, Harrison, Lennon, McCartney. I only just noticed that Lennon is actually holding a guitar in this picture. In previous versions of it, it had been reproduced so murkily that his guitar was invisible. The Beatles […]

By Gail Mitchell 6/30/2021 ‘All we would do is catch the fire every night,’ says the group’s co-founder In honor of Black Music Month, Billboard has highlighted several seminal music albums that defined the last quarter-century: Drake’s Take Care, Rick Ross’ Port of Miami and Survivor by Destiny’s Child. Billboard wraps the series by riding the time machine back to 1996 […]

By Russell Spear:-  James Hetfield is the top singer in the metal genre today. What’s that? You say Hetfield doesn’t have the biggest range of any vocalist in heavy metal? How’s this for an “I don’t give a f**k” look? Why is Hetfield the top metal singer? For one, he’s the singer in what is […]

By Matthew Russell:- Learning to accurately bend a note to a desired pitch is a key skill for guitarists to develop. It’s very common in rock, blues, country and folk styles to hear bends of one or two semitones, or microtonal “curls” where the note is bent less than a semitone sharp. It’s also common […]

By Matt Linden:- No. Jim Morrison was far more prolific than Syd Barrett. While Barrett lost his mental stability to LSD Morrison most likely died of an accidental heroin overdose, believing that the white powder his girlfriend had left on a mirror was cocaine. The story of the genius whose career was derailed by a […]