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By Camden Rafftery:- One big thing about Jimi Hendrix…He never actually felt like a great musician, never really owned up to it too much. He could own up to it at times, but only if he was really comfortable with saying so. Kind of a lot like Randy Meisner, the original bassist for Eagles. The […]

By Walter Campisano: – My pick is “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC. What are some others? “Face The Face”,by Pete Townsend of The Who . A #26 U. S. Pop hit from 1985. A poppy, jazzy rock, almost swing like song that seems to build and build and you expect a super, […]

By Michael Mark Ross:- For what it’s worth, Boy George. I won’t bother researching the details for you. You can look them up. But he and his band, Culture Club, was the most popular new-wave-type act for a year or two, dominating the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. He wrote catchy songs, and […]

By Staffan Sandström:- Some have done it in the same band. So these hippies is the same band as So some band went in that direction too. And the band is of course

By Boaz Corey:- Lowell George of Little Feat. His slide guitar playing is right up there with all the best players who are better known, if not above it in some ways. His tone, his style, accompanying his own ingenious vocal phrasing, it’s the complete package for a true guitar god. Keep in mind that […]

By Muiris Mac Cartaine:- Who is more boring, Coldplay or Sting? There’s no comparison but first let’s scientifically contrast their careers on my patented Bell Curve of Boring; Coldplay’s career started appropriately enough in the not too boring “Yellow C Range” but quickly moved into the why do we bother “B Range” where it has remained. The bulk of boring […]

Jennifer Hudson will join them in Central Park for a major show booked by Clive Davis this summer By Allison Hussey July 1, 2021 Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon (Getty Images) Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, and Jennifer Hudson have been announced as headliners for a major summer concert in Central Park, as The New York Times reports. Booked by Clive Davis, the […]

Also stream new releases from Surf Gang and YN Jay By Madison Bloom, Allison Hussey, and Evan Minsker July 2, 2021 Laura Mvula, photo by Danny Kasirye With so much good music being released all the time, it can be hard to determine what to listen to first. Every week, Pitchfork offers a run-down of significant new releases available […]

By Stephen Daw 6/30/2021 “It’s just a joke,” he assures fans who didn’t like Madonna comparing his onstage kiss to hers with Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV VMAs. Lil Nas X has been hard at work since Sunday night’s BET Awards, from announcing his debut album to trolling critics of his viral performance. Now, he’s […]

By Russell Spear:- 80s music sounds so fresh and enthusiastic compared to the music of today because the 1980s were a much more enthusiastic, upbeat time compared to today. In the 1980s people were feeling enthusiastic because the economy was turning around. In the late 1970s inflation was high, interest rates were at 18% and […]