Did John Lennon get into a brawl with Tom Jones?

Written by on 22 January 2022

By David Williams:-

No, that never happened, but it was close.

In 1965. Jones was a young aspiring star, enjoying his first hit on the charts, with “It’s Not Unusual”. He was due to perform on the same bill as The Beatles for the UK TV show Thank Your Lucky Stars,

“I went to watch them rehearse in the afternoon. I’m sitting there where the audience would be later on, with my manager Gordon Mills. I’m waiting for The Beatles to come on; I want to watch them rehearse, you know.” says Jones

“Lennon was the first one out on the floor and he looks up at me, you know, and he’s got the guitar and he says (to the tune of It’s Not Unusual), ‘It’s not a unicorn, it’s an elephant.'”

Then calls out, ‘How are you doing, you Welsh poof?’

‘Come up here, you Scouse prick, I’ll show you!'” answered an angry Jones.

Jones had to be restrained by his manager “He is not worth it” Mills said.

Jones went on to recall the encounter 10 years later, while performing in Las Vegas, to none other than Elvis Presley, who intensely disliked Lennon.

John Deacon was the bassist in one of the world’s greatest bands. How come he was so background and forgettable?

Jones told The King “I wanted to take him outside and see what sort of hiding his intellect would stand.”

An observer commenting on Elvis’s reaction “For the first time that night, Elvis smiled. Tom was talking his kind of language.”

Tom Jones and John Lennon never fought, they actually became friends of a sort. ‘

However, is there any doubt who would have come out worse if they had started brawling?

Lennon “Getting a piece of NO chance” would have been another big hit for Tom.

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