Did Glen Campbell play on Good Vibrations?

Written by on 26 March 2022

By Walden Miller:-

Glen Campbell had a unique history with the Beach Boys. In 65, when Brian Wilson had a breakdown, Glen replaced him on tour, taking Brian’s place in the Beach Boys playing guitar and singing.

As a thank you, Brian wrote a song for Glen, “Guess I’m Dumb.” Glen recorded it, but it sounded more like Pet Sounds than the country songs Glen normally recorded.

As part of the Wrecking Crew, he played on Pet Sounds, and the follow-up Good Vibrations.

He was considered one of the closest studio musicians with them.

This leads to the odd question of whether he played on Good Vibrations. He certainly laid down tracks during the studio sessions. But this song was the most expensive song ever made at that time ($50,000, which is about 450,000 in 2022). They had 70 hours of tape to create a 4-minute song. A lot of music ended up on the cutting http://floor.so

Glen Campbell is not credited and it is not clear if his guitar or vocals ended up on the final cut. However, it would not surprise me if they did. He was part of the mid 60s success.

But in 67, Glen finally had a string of hits and a number of TV appearances which really launched his solo career. He had his own variety show from 69-72. He died at the age of 81 in 2017. Many musicians paid tribute to him. Here’s one quote from Brian Wilson:

I’m very broken up to hear about my friend Glen Campbell. An incredible musician and an even better person. I’m at a loss. Love & Mercy.

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