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Maud Trvn:- The mutual love and respect between Montserrat and Freddie was amazing. Freddie was in admiration of Montserrat, he’d always say “she is music”. Phoebe said that each time they were due to meet, Freddie was nervous as if it was the first time they met. It shows the great amount of respect he […]

David Durham:- I’ve seen literally hundreds of rock concerts. Grateful Dead shows were the most fun. This is a generality, I’ve been to a show here and there that was as much fun, but Dead concerts were consistent in this regard. And what made them so enjoyable was the unique relationship between audience and band. […]

Neil Anderson: – Some are pretty well known. You probably know that Pink Cadillac, and Blinded by the Light are Springsteen songs. Or that Dolly Parton write I will always love you. And if course Respect by Aretha Franklin was written by Otis Redding. If you listen to the originals of these you’ll often see […]

Nick Ford: – Absolutely, and there are few bigger than this one where Eddie Van Halen plays Jump with the wrong guitar – he’s half a step out from the keyboards and bass. Rather than grab the correctly tuned guitar (ie in standard tuning, not Eb like he typically uses), he just…keeps…on…going. Van Halen – […]

By Rania Aniftos10/21/2020 Busta Rhymes hopped on Instagram Live with Fat Joe on Tuesday night (Oct. 20), and the two pals chatted about everything from music to the upcoming election. But perhaps the wildest part of the evening was when Rhymes challenged his good friend T.I. to a “Verzuz” battle. “From one brother that loves you, to my brother […]

By Keith Caulfield and Andrew Unterberger10/21/2020 In a refreshing change of pace for the modern music industry, a catalog artist is seeing huge gains with his song sales at a time when his health is improving, not deteriorating. Over the weekend (Oct. 18), soft rock hitmaker Christopher Cross was featured on CBS Sunday Morning, in a segment entitled “Christopher Cross on Surviving […]

By Pamela Bustios10/21/2020 “It feels great to have the top two Tropical Airplay songs in the country and I’m so thankful to everyone at radio and the fans who keep embracing my music and bachata,” Royce tells Billboard. Prince Royce wins big as he replaces himself at No. 1 on the Tropical Airplay chart. On the Oct. 24-dated survey, […]

By Gil Kaufman 10/21/2020 In a new four-minute behind-the-scenes video, Benny Blanco pulls back the curtain on the shoot for Justin Bieber‘s emotional “Lonely” video. The clip opens with Blanco explaining what’s going on from the set of the visual, with Bieber busy playing socially distanced, masked table tennis in the background. “It’s COVID-time, we’re wearing masks, you made me […]

Bob Smith:- Leo Sayer, wow there is a name I have not seen in a long while and that is a shame as the guy made some great music. He began his career in the early 1970’s in the U.K and saw seven hit singles hit the top 10 there. But why stop writing songs […]

Chances are, you are already ruining your potential to succeed in the music industry because you believe in one or more music career myths. How do I know? I am sent e-mail messages on a constant basis by tons of musicians (all seeking the answers to the WRONG questions). These are questions that may seem […]

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