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By Sergio Gp:- Blind Faith, with Steve Winwood (Traffic), Rich Gresch (Family), Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton (Cream): Humble Pie, with Steve Marriott (Small Faces), Peter Frampton (The Herd), Greg Ridley (Spooky Tooth), Jerry Shirley (Apostolic Intervention): Faces, with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood (The Jeff Beck Group): Derek and the Dominos, with Eric Clapton (The Yardbirds, […]

5 Best heavy metal drummers Who are the best heavy metal drummers? There are a lot and I will only mention those who touched me and some who are not very famous yet should be in the top ten of the best heavy metal drummers. Drums are very important, drums are like the beat of […]

The Mumford & Sons frontman’s debut solo album is out on Sept. 16 Marcus Mumford‘s debut solo track, “Cannibal,” has received some very exclusive treatment for its accompanying video. How exclusive? The clip was directed by none other than Steven Spielberg — a first for the Academy Award-winning director.   Shot only on an iPhone, the video was created […]

By Alex Johnston:- That would be, in my opinion, the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, l to r: Chris Glen (bass, below), Ted McKenna (drums, above), Alex Harvey (vocals), Hugh McKenna (keyboards), Alistair ‘Zal’ Cleminson (guitar) How can I describe the effect of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band to those who have […]

By Hayley Graham:- By Freddie I assume you mean Freddie Mercury and yes he did. They were doing a duet but Freddie dropped out because Michael insisted on bringing his pet llama in the studio. An assistant of Michael said once he experienced the two together at Michael’s house. When Freddie saw Michael’s room and […]

By J. Danniel:- By “took over,” I’m assuming you mean who was given the title “greatest living rock guitarist” after Hendrix passed away. Jimmy Page. He was around before Hendrix, he was well-known, and was considered a superb guitarist, but he didn’t really ascend to the level of “guitar god” until Led Zeppelin started. Jimi […]

By Russell Spear:- The Who made that pretty clear when they named their 1967 album The Who Sell Out They aren’t necessarily lying to you either. The Who have sold out an awful lot of arenas! The album title The Who Sell Out was intended to be funny because they’d been criticized for doing some commercials. The album […]

By Leland Shenfield:- The man who did everything right. Neil Peart was a Canadian farm boy who was irresistibly drawn to the drums. He then lived every musician’s “hero’s journey”: He joined local bands, got to the top of the local scene, moved away to chase his dreams (England), struggled, returned home in disgrace, persevered, […]

“Spandau Ballet” Innocuous 80s Britpop band. The name has a somewhat murky origin and no one agrees which is the exact right meaning but all meanings are somewhat sinister. One possible reference is to the coal-black gallows humour of WW1 commenting on the British troops being machined-gunned by the Germans while trying to cross no […]

By Roger Williams: – John “Ozzy” Osbourne was invited to join the band that became Black Sabbath because he had his own PA system. Guitarist Tony Iommi was looking for a singer for his new band, and saw a flyer in the local music shop that said: OZZY ZIG REQUIRES GIG! HAS OWN PA Tony […]

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