By Bee Seen:- As I’m sure you are aware, Adam Lambert did not “replace” Freddie. Freddie can’t be replaced. The shows are billed as Queen with Adam Lambert so Adam is not a member of Queen. Who approved Queen to perform with Lambert & still call themselves Queen is something we can only speculate about […]

By Victor Padilla:- Which artists or bands experienced greater commercial success after changing the genre of music they began their career with? Fleetwood Mac released their self-titled debut album on 24 February 1968. This 12-song record, a collection of earthy blues covers and five interesting original compositions from the band’s co-founder Peter Green, was a […]

By Russell Spear:- This is an almost impossible question to answer. Three favourite heavy metal songs ever from the 60s and 70s! The 60s are easy since they had hard rock but not heavy metal yet, but in the 70s: There are so many incredible songs! I’ll give it a shot. The top song, the […]

By Victor Padilla:- Carole King When she was a teenager, and still attending James Madison high school in Brooklyn, New York, Carole King was already selling songs to publishing companies throughout the city, while writing songs for her band Co-Sines and making demo albums with her schoolmate Paul Simon. By the 1960s, King met her […]

By Ely Matawaran: – How good? He could write a very good song about anything on the spot! In 1973, when Paul and Linda McCartney went on a vacation to Jamaica, they learned that a Hollywood picture entitled Papillon starring Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen was being shot there. They visited the set of the feature film on location, […]

By  J Holland:- When I began drumming, I was a Keith Moon wild man. Tons of rolls all over the place. I used to do a drum solo walking around the drums. As I progressed, I slowly turned into a Ringo drummer, with solid, perfect timing and tasty rolls. That got me into session and […]

By Victor Padilla:- Exile on Main St. was first released on 12 May 1972 as a double album by Rolling Stones Records. It was the band’s tenth studio album released in the United Kingdom and the 12th American studio album. Preceded by the UK (number 5) and the US (number 7) Top 10 hit “Tumbling […]

By James Martin:- First off, props on “over hated.” That’s a portmanteau we’ve needed for a long time. The answer is Nickleback. They’re a solidly okay rock band, but everybody seems to hate them because they’re nothing particularly special. Watch the New Trailer for Brett Morgen’s David Bowie Movie Moonage Daydream

By Sylvie Aimée:- The Beatles had wanted to set up a commune. It was July 23, 1967, when the Beatles travelled to Greece and almost bought a Greek Island. It was after their stay in India studying meditation with the Maharishi. In 1967, the Beatles conceived a half-baked idea to purchase an island off the […]

Paul Gambaccini, who was part of the BBC broadcasting team at Live Aid, recalled the awe among other superstar musicians watching backstage. “Everybody realized that Queen was stealing the show,” said Gambaccini. These were the very words Elton John uttered when he rushed into Mercury’s trailer after the set. “You bastards, you stole the show,” […]

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