7/13/2020 by Stephen Daw At the height of his success, Ricky Martin proclaimed to the world that he was “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” But in a new interview, Martin is revealing that life at that time was actually much more painful than his popular song let on. On the latest episode of Apple Music’s Proud […]

7/13/2020 by Stephen Daw Troye Sivan has dipped his toe in a solid variety of pop sounds, but with his latest song, it looks like the singer is trying out something new by going back to something old. On Monday (July 13), Sivan posted two teaser clips of his upcoming single, titled “Easy.” The singer […]

Duncan Thorburn · Discover of Structure in Sound, a New Theory of Music that changes all music on I remember the John Lennon quote: “Jazz starts nowhere, goes nowhere, arrives nowhere”. The Jazz claim to be “better than other contemporary music Genres”, is plainly wrong. The idea it sucks in great musicians, and any other […]

Jake Gerber · Musical Session Player , Guitar , Bass ,And Vocals (1962–present) My answer is coming more from a traditional jazz/pop player, so please bear with me. Eric Clapton is or was a very good (rated 3rd on Rolling Stone’s ‘Top Guitarist’ listing) and an inspired blues based lead guitarist and I think that […]

Didier Champion · Lives in Kigali, Rwanda I would like to add to other wonderful answers, particularly from Samuel Dokowe and Antony Asirikwa. Africa is a continent of 55 countries, and composed of 5 regions who are linked by culture, economy, trade, etc. Therefore, the best way to assess popular artists is to assess their […]

Thomas J. Beaver · BSE, MA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics & Music, Psychology, Science, University of Michigan (Graduated 1980) My ‘first impression’ was an early one — I still refer to them as “Chicago Transit Authority,” lol. That means 1969, since by ’70 they had to shorten it to “Chicago” under legal threat from […]

Mark Vaudrey · Enjoys good music Back in 1989, Bruce told every member of the E Street Band that he no longer needed them in the foreseeable future as he wanted to go out alone. This may have been influenced by Sting and Peter Gabriel, having toured with them in the latter part of 1988 […]

Muiris Mac Cartaine · Listens to a lot of Music By world wide sales it was Led Zeppelin followed by Pink Floyd for Rock. The Eagles were also massive sellers, especially in the U.S., in the 70s and ABBA & the Bee Gees had huge 70s success in the Pop Charts but it depends on […]

Ely Matawaran · Writer – Artist (1982–present) The title of this album should have been “Abracadabra”. That was the name the Beatles preferred as the title of their new 1966 album. But they discovered that another band had already used it so they had no choice but to think up of another title. When discussing […]

Joel Peterson · Acoustic Guitar player/performer (1964–present) If you study the history of “Great Guitarists” you’ll find a common thread that most of us don’t want to know. We want a ‘silver bullet’ or a ‘trick’ that gives us immediate excellence in our playing. That ‘secret’ scale, that hidden progression. That’s our nature. I want […]

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