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R J Holland – Answered: Once you know how to drum and it comes easy to you, it’s not that hard to sing and drum. I have been a professional drummer for thirty years and I sing. It may be difficult when you are learning to play drums to sing and drum at the same […]

Yes he did and the fish didn’t like it. Truthfully, it wasn’t that good either I hate to say. It’s the kind of drum solo done when you don’t know your rudiments. Still like the guy though. Keith also did a song called The Ox on their first LP. that was close to a solo. […]

Marcus Lundgren – Answered: That depends on what you mean by “soul”. I can think of 2 ways to interpret your question, so I will give you 2 answers, just in case. Arguably the most famous example of a musician who supposedly literally sold his soul is the late, unbelievably great Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson (1911–1938) This […]

Different people have had different reasons to dislike Pink Floyd. Here are a few reasons: They use machines to make all their music, and they aren’t a real band. (False) Musically, they aren’t all that good. (I disagree). Their music is demented and insane (I disagree) and encourages people to take LSD and damage their […]

After the band Cream broke up, Eric Clapton wanted to join a music group that he had just heard for the first time, but he never got up the nerve to ask them. What group was this? Clapton was not so pleased anymore with the heavy rock blues-rock he did with Cream. When he heard […]

What jeans was Freddie Mercury wearing at Live Aid? Wrangler. It was the only brand he ever wore and Peter Freestone had to stock up on them any chance he got when they were in the USA they weren’t easy to find in U.K. or Europe. Read: Living In NY as a Musician The question […]

Alpcan Aras A really good question. The song Bohemian Rhapsody includes such names as: Scaramouche, a clown character from Comedia dell’Arte Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango? Galileo Galilei, astronomist and Figaro, a character of Rossini’s Barber of Seville Galileo(Galileo),Galileo(Galileo), Galileo Figaro Beelzebub, a devil in Christianism Beelzebub, has a devil put aside for me, for […]

Jon Mixon Outside observation: He didn’t try very hard – Jagger’s solo efforts are rather notable for their lack of “heft”. Despite being a decent songwriter and having the wealth and backing to make stronger albums, he just didn’t. It was always a side job – The Rolling Stones was (and remains) his major source […]

Jesse Sutton· Okay, so I’ve heard this one a million times. According to legend, Clapton’s quote was “I wouldn’t know, ask Prince.” I love this anecdote. I love any time guitarists express admiration for other guitarists. Professional respect at its most pure. I loved it when I read that Frank Zappa had a ton of […]

Magnus Greel· My answer: TOTO. Though they’ve had a shifting line up over the years, their core of musicians are some of the best in the business. As TOTO they have released 14 albums, sold over 40 million albums, and won six Grammys. TOTO’s individual musicians, Steve Lukather (guitar/vocals), David Paich (keyboards/vocals), Jeff Porcaro (drums), […]