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By Darlene Aderoju 11/2/2021: – “There are no words to express my excitement because this is close to 14 years in the making,” proud dad Ludacris tells Billboard about the debut of his all-new children’s animated program, Karma’s World. The Netflix series, inspired by the rapper/actor’s eldest daughter Karma Bridge’s imagination when she was a child, officially premiered on Oct. […]

“Guns Go Bang” and “King Kong Riddim” appear on the soundtrack to the new Netflix movie By Allison Hussey and Matthew Strauss October 29, 2021 Jay-Z, April 2019 (Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Something in the Water) Jay-Z is back with two new songs: “Guns Go Bang” (with Kid Cudi) and “King Kong Riddim” (with Jadakiss, Conway the Machine, and […]

By Jason Lipshutz 10/29/2021: Billboard’s First Stream serves as a handy guide to this Friday’s most essential releases — the key music that everyone will be talking about today, and that will be dominating playlists this weekend and beyond. This week, Ed Sheeran brings us hits and heartstring-tugging songwriting, Camila Cabello throws a dance party with […]

By Houston:- It’s pretty hard to beat Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1982), not to mention Off the Wall (1979), both of which were made while he was still a member of The Jacksons. A few other notable albums: Grateful Dead – In 1972 three of the main members of Grateful Dead put out solo albums. They are all well regarded. […]

By Rocci Disopa: An Urban legend perhaps? The Beau Brummels took their name from George Bryan Brummell, a figure in the 19th Century English court and a friend and confidant of the future King George IV. The Brummels hailed from San Francisco forming in 1964. A ‘Beau Brummell’ was an English term for an excessively […]

By Ziggy Adolph:- Paul McCartney played bass BECAUSE he was the best musician in The Beatles! A few points: You are phrasing your question in a manner that suggests that playing bass is easy. Let me assure you it is not. If you only play the root notes of each chord, then yes. But to […]

By Jill Shinault:- No doubt. Their first meeting was in 1974 at Leon Russell’s house, and Tom has said that George was very nice. Then they met a few times during the time that TPATH was touring with George’s old friend Bob Dylan. Tom stated that they definitely “clicked” during those meetings. Not long after […]

By James McMannis: – Most people attribute the commercial success of Van Halen to Edward Van Halen, the band’s ingenious musician, and rock guitar deity. This isn’t the case. The taskmaster of the band—without a doubt—was frontman David Lee Roth. Roth had the boundless energy, exceptionally high intelligence, a keen eye for marketing, physical/athletic abilities […]

By Stewart Selkirk:- Generally, most bass players and certainly most famous ones rate Paul McCartney very highly. As Paul began his musical journey on guitar and piano, by the time he became The Beatles’ bassist ( because no one else in the band wanted to do it ) he had developed a solid musical understanding […]

By Russell Spear: – Roger Waters doesn’t get along with the rest of the band. Hasn’t in quite some time and that’s putting it politely. The guys in Pink Floyd spent too much time together on the road and in the studio. Got to know each other too well. That’s the problem. Do you know […]

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