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Without question, the word is Tane. The song was written in 1969. In that time period gas stations had full-service attendants that pumped the gasoline for the customers. The compressible or explosive power of gasoline is measured in octane, there is high octane and low octane. Octane rating – Wikipedia You can still see it […]

The first thing that came to mind when I read this question was that Hendrix died in 1970, well before most of Pink Floyd’s best material came out: Meddle came out in 1971, Dark Side of the Moon in 1973, Animals and Wish You Were Here in 1975 and The Wall in 1979. So he […]

Adam Lambert is a pop vocalist, or more precisely he should be doing musical theater. Adam is a good singer with great technique, but is not good at doing rock songs. Queen has dropped a lot of their more rocking songs. He simply doesn’t really have the power in his voice or the conviction for […]

Beyonce is back with another serving of “Black Parade,” but this time, she slings out the a capella version to her celebratory anthem. On Friday (June 19), in honor of Juneteenth, Queen Bey released the original song with hopes of honoring small Black-owned businesses. “Happy Juneteenth Weekend! I hope we continue to share joy and […]

Alex Johnston · BA Hons in music theory, music technology and musicology This is an interesting question. An awful lot of people feel like modern music is getting worse, or at least that older music is better music, and I addressed this at some length in Alex Johnston’s answer to Why do people insist that […]

Tony Lombardo · High School British Lit. Teacher at Vestavia Hills High School (2006–present) No, they are both teachers. Mr. Ritchie is playing a drama teacher. He has a crush on the art teacher (who happens to be blind). While he is thinking about the crush he had done nothing about, a student comes to […]

The beginning of both songs sound very similar. maybe Billy Ocean listened to hello because I believe it came out first and got inspiration from it and said I’m going to do my own version of that. But that’s only speculation on my part. Perhaps they are in the same musical key too I haven’t […]

It means the singer is divorcing his wife, so that she will then take back her unmarried last name. These days it would probably not be safe to assume that a wife will automatically take her husband’s last name. But back in the 1970s, when that song was written, it was a pretty safe bet.

Ethan James · Double Major in Media and Communications (Graduated 2020) Clout has been around for years and years in hip-hop. Y’all just don’t realise it because it’s gone under so many different names. Before it was clout – back in the mid 2000s to early 2010s – they called it swag. Rappers would see […]

Both artists’ work highlights the plight of the “common man”, but the different places they come from — Springsteen from Freehold, New Jersey, Mellencamp from Seymour, Indiana — color their music. Mellencamp’s music evokes visions of farmers and small-town, Midwestern country folk. Springsteen is more about the blue-collar, East Coast working class. Mellencamp’s music also […]

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