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6ix9ine achieves his first leader & Minaj adds her second. 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj‘s “Trollz” blasts in at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. The song marks the first Hot 100 leader for 6ix9ine and the second for Minaj, who notches her first in a lead role. Plus, Lil Baby’s “The Bigger […]

The first single from the Nigerian artist’s next album Twice as Tall By Noah Yoo June 25, 2020 Afrobeat star Burna Boy has returned with another new song. According to a press release, “Wonderful” is the first single from Burna Boy’s forthcoming album Twice as Tall, set to arrive this summer. Listen to “Wonderful” below. […]

Also stream new releases from Jessie Ware and Quin Kirchner By Allison Hussey June 26, 2020 With so much good music being released all the time, it can be hard to determine what to listen to first. Every week, Pitchfork offers a run-down of significant new releases available on streaming services. This week’s batch includes […]

Oh, man, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, Cardiff, 1966. I don’t know what the hell they were on, but they were damn sure on something. Among the most memorable performances of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” you’ll find — just not necessarily in a good way. Honorable mention: C.C. DeVille of Poison out of […]

After 46 years, Neil Young unearths a lost but highly consequential album, a collection of humble, stripped-back love songs he began writing at what was arguably the artistic zenith of his career. For a certain kind of music lover, there’s nothing more alluring than a “lost” album. Unlike a record that was merely “scrapped” or […]

Other than the above , everything made Freddie unique . His ability to perform in front of 75,000 people , and make each and everyone of them feel as though they were a part of it all , speaks volumes about Freddie as the front-man of Queen . As flamboyant as he later became as […]

JPEGMAFIA’s got another new song that arrives with a self-directed music video. The new track, called “THE BENDS!,” opens with a sample of Donald Trump speaking at a November 2019 event in Atlanta called “Black Voices for Trump.” Peggy raps on the song, “My leader treat me like a enemy,” and also alludes to Trump’s […]

The British singer and podcast host wanted her new album to offer escapism. And then the pandemic hit. “If you’re going to sit with me, you have to be a big girl,” Jessie Ware says patiently as her young daughter crashes our Zoom interview just moments after it began. Ware, beamed in from her light-filled […]

From about 1950 onward, songs released individually (or with a B side) were known as “singles” and were purchased on one of these – a 45rpm, 7inch diameter disk of vinyl, which could hold 4 or 5 (or at a push 6) minutes worth of music per side: Around the same time, LPs (Long Playing […]

Who says he didn’t? Here’s a photo of Ronnie. Can you tell who that is on his t-shirt? (Hint: it’s Neil.) Van Zant was a proud Southerner and a self-professed “hillbilly”, but he was not a bigot, nor were his band-mates. So when he heard Neil Young’s songs “Southern Man” and “Alabama”, he judged them, […]

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