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By Russell Spear:- If you like Guns and Roses better then you could say it. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. If you think Guns and Roses is better than Aerosmith, I’m not gonna try to change your mind. Why would I? The question I’d ask is: Better by what standard? Now, maybe you do have an […]

By Austin Mahir:- Ironically, Mark Knopfler even didn’t attend “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” but attended Scottish Music Award. Request a Song… Rock Anthems Mark Knopfler, Who Snubbed Rock Hall, Happily Accepts Scottish Music Award | 98.5 The Fox | Ken Dashow A lot less prestigious award. I don’t think it’s exactly for […]

By Mick DeLeon:- The Jefferson Starship was the more radio-friendly, commercially successful, mainstream incarnation of The Jefferson Airplane. They were big on pop and rock radio in the 1970s and early 1980s. The Jefferson Airplane was key to the Bay Area rock movement, and their psychedelic “White Rabbit” is still remarkable. The Who, on the […]

By Victor Padilla:- Turn the Page by Bob Seger Seger began working on the song in 1972, but it wasn’t complete until a touring pit stop provided the entire second verse. As Tom Weschler, road manager for the Silver Bullet Band remembered in Travelin Man: On The Road And Behind The Scenes With Bob Seger, which […]

By Russell Spear:- The Rolling Stones fired Brian Jones in 1969. The last album he made with them was Beggar’s Banquet. That’s a great album and The Rolling Stones were a huge success at the time, but when they hired Mick Taylor to replace Jones, the Stones went to even greater heights of success. In […]

By Walden Miller:- Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz lived in Laurel Canyon as did Jim Morrison at the same time. Torks house was the scene of many parties for laurel canyon musicians. It is likely they ran into each other there or at the canyon store. Tork says in an interview: I have fond memories […]

If the Beatles re-recorded all their songs like John Lennon wanted to do, how well do you think they would have turned out? I sure wish they had. John Lennon was kind of never happy with any of the songs that the Beatles produced after he met Yoko. He blamed George Martin. Sometimes he blamed […]

By Jay Snead:- The American musical acts in the same success tier as the Beatles are Elvis and Michael Jackson. But the most successful band . . . Eagles. Five number-one singles and six number-one albums, six Grammy awards. 200 million record sales with two of the top-8 best-selling albums ever made. All 8 Eagles studio albums […]

By Darrin Richards:- Really can’t say it ended but then Richie Sambora left in 2013 and seems to be being a partner and parent, not sure tbh. I know JBJ has a restaurant he works at with his wife where no one is turned away no prices on the menu pay a $20 donation to […]

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