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By Aaron Carter: – What is missing in today’s music compared to the 60s and 70s music? Although rare nowadays. The reason is that it’s formatted. If you understand progressions based on the major and minor scale, you can learn a handful of them, and play 99% of all new songs. In the ’60s. The […]

By Alex Johnston:- Why is Clapton considered “God” when British peers like Alvin Lee, Mick Taylor (also tutored by John Mayall), Rory Gallagher, and even Dave Edmunds could play rings around him? Why were there so many more amazing British rock bands in the 60s and 70s than there were Americans? Subjective opinions don’t make […]

By Andrew Chapman: – You’re misinterpreting Baker’s comment. All he stated was that Bonham wasn’t “anywhere near what I am. He wasn’t a musician.” First, it seems as if he’s comparing Bonham — dead now for nearly 40 years — to himself with these 40 additional years of experience (“what I am” present tense). This, if […]

By Lars Brandle 11/5/2021: – The voyage continues, as a reunited ABBA drops its first album of new material in almost forty years. Early Friday (Nov. 5), the Swedish pop superstars’ new album Voyage docked, ending a decades-long drought that has been described as the “greatest reunion in pop,” without so much as a whiff of hyperbole. Some call it […]

“Escape Plan” and “Mafia,” which features guest vocals from J. Cole, mark his first solo singles of 2021 By Madison Bloom November 5, 2021 Travis Scott, September 2019 (Scott Legato/Getty Images for Live Nation) Travis Scott has shared two brand new tracks: Listen to “Escape Plan” and “Mafia” below. “Escape Plan” and “Mafia” are Scott’s first solo […]

The latest from Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak’s An Evening With Silk Sonic By Allison Hussey November 5, 2021 Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak in Silk Sonic’s “Smokin Out the Window,” directed by Bruno Mars and John Esparza Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak has shared another new song from their forthcoming Silk Sonic debut An Evening with Silk Sonic. “Smokin’ Out the Window” […]

Their first new track since 2019 is taken from the Sing 2 soundtrack By Evan Minsker November 3, 2021 U2, photo by Kurt Iswarienko U2 have shared a new song called “Your Song Saved My Life.” Their new track appears on the soundtrack to the upcoming animated film Sing 2, which stars Bono as a reclusive lion rock star named Clay Calloway. […]

By Billboard Staff 11/3/2021: – ‘Made in Hollywood: All Access with the Go-Go’s’ is in stores now. Gina Schock had a bird’s-eye view of the good, the bad and the insane from her vantage point behind the drums kit for the Go-Gos. And not only did she live to tell the tales of debauchery, chart magic and […]

By Russell Spear: – Ritchie Blackmore has gotten countless well-deserved accolades over his career for being one of the greatest rock guitarists there has ever been. Ritchie Blackmore is best known for being the guitarist in Deep Purple and in Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore is an incredibly talented musician. He was the innovator of his time […]

The live staple from her tour with Harry Styles gets an official release By Matthew Ismael Ruiz November 3, 2021 Jenny Lewis, photo by Bobbi Rich Jenny Lewis has shared a new song called “Puppy and a Truck.” A live staple on her recent tour opening for Harry Styles, the song was written by Lewis and produced by Dave […]

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