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By Leland Shenfield:- The man who did everything right. Neil Peart was a Canadian farm boy who was irresistibly drawn to the drums. He then lived every musician’s “hero’s journey”: He joined local bands, got to the top of the local scene, moved away to chase his dreams (England), struggled, returned home in disgrace, persevered, […]

“Spandau Ballet” Innocuous 80s Britpop band. The name has a somewhat murky origin and no one agrees which is the exact right meaning but all meanings are somewhat sinister. One possible reference is to the coal-black gallows humour of WW1 commenting on the British troops being machined-gunned by the Germans while trying to cross no […]

By Roger Williams: – John “Ozzy” Osbourne was invited to join the band that became Black Sabbath because he had his own PA system. Guitarist Tony Iommi was looking for a singer for his new band, and saw a flyer in the local music shop that said: OZZY ZIG REQUIRES GIG! HAS OWN PA Tony […]

The best Thin Lizzy songs prove why Phil Lynott and co were a truly singular outfit responsible for some of the most enduring hard rock classics in history. Could Jimi Hendrix play any instruments other than the guitar?   Tim Peacock Photo: Fin Costello/Redferns When it comes to groundbreaking rock’n’roll outfits, few are more deserving […]

By J. Danniel:- Wilko Johnson, of the British band Dr. Feelgood, has a unique style that allows him to play rhythm and individual notes at the same time. And he doesn’t play with a pick. He admits he got his style from Mick Green of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, another British band. In his […]

By Bee Seen:- I doubt it—-they haven’t in the last decade. They have never produced new music with Adam. According to Roger, they tried. Brian, Roger & Adam worked on a track in Nashville during a gap in their last US tour schedule: “It was a song that we’d tried to adapt that had come […]

By Russell Spear:- I would rank him, Pete Townshend, right up there with some of the most influential guitarists of the 70s. As a rhythm guitarist and a songwriter he was one of the very best. As a lead guitarist, he was not. He wasn’t a lead guitar player like Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton. […]

By Jesse Spangler:- It’s seems like alot of people hate this band. Nickleback. Why? I can’t say for sure. Is it their physical appearance? The way they sing? Are they posers? In my opinion, I find them listenable and I don’t despise them. They’re no great shakes but not downright terrible. In my 60 plus […]

There are plenty of videos like this out there… I seriously doubt anyone got their money back, but that was not the Eddie we’ve come to expect. Some people say his guitar was messed up, but honestly, I think HE was messed up. He was known for enjoying drugs, although supposedly he was sober at […]

Jimi Hendrix was known to dabble in other musical instruments, other than the guitar. He had to play some of the bass parts during the recording of the Electric Ladyland album after Noel Redding didn’t play them to Hendrix’s satisfaction. He played the keyboards on occasion, the above photo taken during a recording session of […]

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