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Alex Johnston– have been listening to the Beatles since 1975:- When Paul McCartney asked Linda to be in the band with him, he didn’t give a fuck what people thought. […]

Rocci Disopa- Former Recording Engineer They all used vocal color, dynamics and emotional connection to produce magic. Is vocal range less important then most people believe? Stop the madness!! For […]

Thomas J. Beaver – BSE, MA from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics & Music, Psychology, Science, University of Michigan (Graduated 1980):- I remember mine like it was a hazy-yesterday … […]

Karina-Producing music/writing lyrics since 2014:- While “Heartless” undoubtedly took much of the XO fan-base by storm, it had taken me a while to truly embrace the track. Metro Boomin’ adds […]

Reinhard Lohmann – It’s gotta be rock ‘n’ metal music:- What are some rock songs that were just filler, but became huge hits? This song is THE song that stands […]

Bob Smith:- Intermittent Fountain of Wisdom:- Abba, a lot has been said and written about the band. Abba came into being back in 1972 after the members all having solo […]

RJ Holland – Former Professional Drummer Session/studio and Bands:- Because most of those people are not drummers and do not know anything about drumming. Ringo, or Richard, was the best […]

RJ Holland:- Some read sheet music and some just play by ear. Many of the big rock drummers past and present I would say play by ear. Orchestral and jazz […]

Giliana P. García Acevedo – MD from Medicine (college major) & Music, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia (Graduated 2017):- Technically speaking, the absolute greatest rock singer of all time is […]

Ryan Buleza- In 1981 Daryl Hall & John Oates had just achieved superstardom. After having a moderate amount of success in the 70s, their 1980 album Voices put their new […]