Charles Simms Legend has it that Elton wanted to change his sound. In conversation with a famous producer he was discussing how best to shake things up. The response? Replace the rhythm section. Dee Murray and Nigel Olssen were given their walking papers. Read: Boston In retrospect, it signaled the end of Elton’s dominance. He […]

Dale Josef All of them. You had to be a “motherf*cker” (musician slang for “a great player”) to even get an audition with Frank. That’s where the name of the band “The Mothers” came from. The record company execs added “of Invention” later and without Frank’s permission, after someone hipped them to what “Mothers” really […]

Taken from White Pony’s 20th anniversary remix album, Black Stallion By Jazz Monroe December 3, 2020 Robert Smith, November 2016 (Francesco Castaldo\Archivio Francesco Castaldo\Mondadori via Getty Image Robert Smith has shared a remix of Deftones’ White Pony track “Teenager.” Check it out, along with the original, below. The Cure frontman’s remix appears on Black Stallion, a double-album filled with White Pony remixes to celebrate the classic album’s […]

She remotely appeared on The Tonight Show for a live rendition of her Punisher track By Madison Bloom December 3, 2020 Phoebe Bridgers  Phoebe Bridgers appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday (December 2) to perform her Punisher and Copycat Killer song “Savior Complex.” Bridgers was accompanied by a self-playing piano. At one point, she shook hands with an adorable dog. Watch Bridgers sing in […]

Amy Christa Ernano The answer stating Axl Rose is incorrect. Rose has a five octave range — impressive, but not the greatest. Mike Patton of Faith No More/Mr. Bungle is currently recognized as having the widest vocal range in popular music at over 6 octaves (and for the record, David Lee Roth and Corey Taylor both also […]

Matt Aliberti Blue Oyster Cult is a criminally underrated band. I can count on one hand the songs that i dislike, their catalog is full of interesting, edgy well crafted songs that span across the entire genre of rock. They are more than Don’t Fear the Reaper and Burning for You, which accounts for 95 […]

Muiris Mac Cartaine A couple of prior answers mentioned Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground and she’s on my minimalist list. I’m set Free off their 3rd album is note perfect drum wise, there’s nothing excessive, no unnecessary fills yet the drums change throughout the song and are perfect especially behind the guitar solo. All Tomorrows Parties from their […]

Jagua Nana Michael Jackson is already a historical figure. In addition, Michael Jackson remains the only man in the history of art to be popular in every part of the world, and that’s still the case even about a decade after his death.

Matt Kroner Yes he did. His first solo album titled David Gilmour was released in 1978. His second solo album, About Face was released in 1984. On an Island came out in 2006 and Rattle That Lock came out in 2015. David Gilmour also did the guitar work for The Orb’s album titled The Orb […]

Bob Smith Jefferson Starship.. Ok, not to be confused with Jefferson Airplane or Starship. The band originally began life as Jefferson Airplane in 1965. The band saw success early in their careers, headlining the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, Isle of Wight Festival in 1968,Woodstock in 1969 and Altamont Free Concert 1969 . Read: Procol […]

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