Why is Van Morrison considered to be a hard musician to work with?

Written by on August 13, 2021

By Muiris Mac Cartaine: –

For many journalists, musicians, and casual fans, Van Morrison has been a difficult person to work with full stop. He has his own set of rules, TMDGAF but while he is one of rock music’s greatest curmudgeons his musical standards are very high.


There are certain musicians he really respects; Ray Charles performed Van Morrison’s Crazy Love so often that many people assumed that Ray wrote the song. When Van had the opportunity to duet the song with him at a Songwriting Award ceremony he took it. Tony Bennett looks on in the audience.

When musicians you admire like Ray Charles, Solomon Burke, and John Lee Hooker record songs you have written* you give back the respect that they have given to your songcraft.

Van Morrison is often on another planet, and not the one that mere mortals live on, but if you filter out the static, his reputation & what’s written about him is unimportant. It’s not Love Island, if you’re just interested in the music, the voice, and the song-writing, then Van Morrison’s craft is light years beyond his personality.

(*) John Lee Hooker has covered Van Morrison’s T.B. Sheets and Gloria, Solomon Burke sang Fast Train.


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