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Month: June 2021

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Answered by  Paul Durenberger   What was the sickest guitar solo you have ever heard? Jeff “Skunk” Baxter on Steely Dan’s, “My Old School”. He played with Hendricks, became a founding member of Steely Dan, then joined the Doobie Brothers. The guy is a freaking genius as this quote from an interview demonstrates: “One day in […]

Russell Spear: – Nirvana’s influence is overstated. For one thing, grunge was a relatively short-lived trend. It got old quick. Second, the bands that were influenced by them tended to be worse. I don’t know of any band took what Nirvana did and improved upon it. Considering that, how valuable could their influence have been? […]

Sayne Maza: – I heard Paul give this story. Paul and John used to often meet over at Paul’s house to play guitars and just hang out until late at night. One time on his way home during the winter, John would see a family sitting outside of their house in the cold. Every time […]

“Remedy” appears on the band’s new album Jordi By Madison Bloom June 11, 2021 Maroon 5 have released a new song with Stevie Nicks. “Remedy” appears on Maroon 5’s new album Jordi. Listen to “Remedy” below. Maroon 5 dedicated their new album to the band’s late manager Jordan Feldstein (aka Jordi), who died in 2017 from a heart attack. The LP […]

Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo sing backup vocals on the title track from her new album, which was co-written and produced with Jack Antonoff By Matthew Strauss and Evan Minsker June 10, 2021 The rumors are now true: Lorde is back with the brand new single “Solar Power,” her first piece of original music since 2017. She confirmed in a newsletter to fans […]

Chris Martin embarks on a sci-fi epic directed by Dave Meyers By Evan Minsker Coldplay’s new single “Higher Power” has a new music video. Directed by Dave Meyers, the visual is a sci-fi odyssey on the planet Kaotica with robot dogs and dancing aliens. The press release notes references to The Terminator, Blade Runner, and The Fifth Element. Seoul’s Ambiguous […]

Robin Meadows May 20: – No. It was Paul McCartney who wrote a duet to sing with Freddie but Freddie was extremely busy working on the Barcelona album. It was called “Once Upon a Long Ago” and was also written for the movie Princess Bride although it did not end up being in the movie. […]

Tyler Crockett:- This may answer the question: “Queen have made history again. The iconic band is celebrating the big news that their legendary song “Bohemian Rhapsody” has been certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), for surpassing 10 million or more in sales and stream equivalents in the United States. The achievement […]

Sean Kutzko:- Technically, no. One good drummer can lay down enough groove with interesting fills to make a great rhythm section. Listen to any pro jazz drummer for examples of this. What the second drummer does is add extra depth to the music. Two drummers who can work together without stepping on each other musically […]

Seeking more than representation, a critic tries to make sense of a fragmented, disparate musical tradition By Cat Zhang May 31, 2021 The weekend that six Asian women were murdered in Atlanta, Georgia, I gathered with hundreds of strangers at a rally in Chinatown, weeping silently as two dogs with “Stop Hating” signs around their necks […]