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Are there any classic rock bands you can’t stand even though you generally love classic rock?

Written by on June 21, 2021

Oh, man… how is it that no one has answered Shitwind?

Clearly, they were the worst of classic rock. Sure, “Sweet Chowder” was a marginal hit and had a pretty decent bass solo, but that’s all. And rumor remains that singer Marty Samson wasn’t even on vocals because of a bad case of oral herpes, being replaced with an uncredited Dave Peverett from Foghat.

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Otherwise, songs like “Your Eyes Give Me A Rise In My Levis” (how clever!), “Light Brown Sugar” (clearly racist in hindsight), and “Tequila Eclipse On Your Lips” (what?) are all the proof we need that the summer of ’75 dropped a true musical turd among some otherwise legendary releases.

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