Month: June 2021

By Katie Bain 6/29/2021 27 days ago, DJ Minx changed her life with an Instagram post. The Detroit techno legend — who’s been active in the scene since the early ’90s — had been thinking of what to write in her caption for months. Ultimately, on June 2, 2021, she got a big message through in […]

By Stephen Daw 6/29/2021 At Sunday night’s BET Awards (June 27), Lil Nas X once again made headlines for living his truth. Dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh and paying tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” music video, the rapper powered through his single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” before turning to a backup dancer on his left and making out with […]

By David Holliday:- When someone grows up very poor and then suddenly has money, they go nuts. It happens all of the time. Unfortunately, poor people grow up with no money management training. Managing money is hard, even Donald Trump who grew up at the feet of a successful father lost fortunes, for someone like […]

By Alex Johnston:- You do realise that most models of electric guitar were designed for the purpose of playing rock music? The models least suited to rock are hollow-body arch-top guitars, because they tend to produce uncontrollable feedback even at moderate volumes, but even then, people still use them to play rock, because they can: […]

By Russell Spear:- Is Layne Staley the best rock / grunge vocalist of 90’s era? Layne Staley was certainly one of the best grunge vocalist of the 90s era. The album Dirt is one of the best grunge albums there is. I think Layne Staley was excellent. I just don’t think he was as good […]

By Antonello Frau: – What are some facts about Black Sabbath that even the most hard-core Sabbath fans may not know? Here is a cool one. Let me try to chip in. Back in the 1978, Black Sabbath were past their prime. Personal issues, substance abuse and dramatic changes in mainstream music had put them […]

By Russell Spear: – What is the greatest guitar solo ever that is under 30 seconds long? Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar solo in Dreams is the one. His solo in Dreams features ingenious use of a volume pedal. He uses it to make the notes swell in volume after he plucks them instead of getting quieter. That gives […]

By Russell Spear: – I think the same thing of Lindsey Buckingham that I’ve thought for many years: He is an intense, passionate musical genius. Lindsey Buckingham plays guitar a different way than almost every rock guitarist does. Lindsey uses his fingers to pluck the strings instead of using a pick. Every now and then he […]

By Alex Johnston: – Because we don’t much like his music; because there are lots of things he couldn’t do; and because we haven’t heard every guitar player who ever lived. I may as well admit that I have never heard the magic sparkle unicorn dust in SRV’s playing that attracts such dedicated fans. I’ve […]

Here are the best-known songs of the Eagles, along with their songwriters: Take It Easy (1972) – Glenn Frey / Jackson Browne Witchy Woman (1972) – Don Henley / Bernie Leadon Peaceful Easy Feeling (1973) – Jack Tempchin Tequila Sunrise (1973) – Don Henley / Glenn Frey Desperado (1973) – Don Henley / Glenn Frey Doolin’-Dalton (1973) – Don Henley / […]

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