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Is it true that memories get associated with music?

Written by on April 7, 2021

Is there any song which brings out any particular memory from your mind (especially love songs)?

Yes, it certainly is true.

It’s a song by the Troggs. It used to be my wife’s and my song, or one of them, when we were going around together. Everytime I hear it, it makes my heart beat a little faster and takes me back when we walked hand in hand and totally in love.

Actually, we still walk hand in hand and are totally in love. But the song just brings me back to ‘the times.’

It’s called Love is All Around . Another song the Troggs did that we took for our own is You Can Cry if You Want. Whenever I hear them, the memories come flooding back and make me feel wonderful.

The Troggs had many great songs actually, especially their huge hit Wild Thing which took the world by storm because it was totally different than the usual songs played on the radio. I was very surprised when, after that powerhouse song, the Troggs, a lot of the times went for the cutie pie love songs which became big hits. Maybe that’s why they went for them.

Members at the time were Pete Staples, Ronnie Bond, Chris Britton and Reg Presley.

Presley the vocalist and Ron Bond the drummer have since passed.

Below, You Can Cry if You Want l, The Troggs


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