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Do I need to be a great musician to have a band?

Written by on April 7, 2021

I am a songwriter who plays guitar. I don’t play covers and am not confident about having a band or playing with others.

Let me introduce

That is a young Roger Glover.

He is a man who claims to have retired at 17 – as he does not consider music to be work.

He also considers himself a moderate musician – but he did hang around with Ian Paice, John Lord and Ritchie Blackmore

But he is a songwriter. When Ian Gillian was asked to be the new vocalist for Deep Purple, Roger came along as his song writing partner and sometime bassist.

His best known lyric was “Smoke on the Water”. He also turned a lot of Ritchie’s riffs into songs – the thing DP Mark 1 had been missing.

Every band needs a great song writer – the performance skills will come.

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