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What songs by Joe Walsh when he was with the James Gang are your favorites, and why?

Written by on March 25, 2021

For me it’s Funk 49. Great song. Three piece group of excellent musicians, The James Gang at the time of the recording consisted of Joe Walsh on guitar, Dale Peters on bass guitar and and Jim Fox on drums.

Rousing song that always got them on the dance floor when my band played it.

Oddly enough, it did not do that great reaching number 59 on the Top 100.

Only two verses, the majority of the song showing off the musicianship of the band, especially Walsh’s guitar. Nice bass work and tasty, funky drumming by Fox. There was no overdubbing except the percussion part in the middle where all three did some percussion work. You don’t hear this song on the radio often, at least I don’t but it is in a lot of movie soundtracks.

Sounds like my teenage years, ‘sleep all day, out all night.’

When I think of this song, I realize how close it is to the song Footloose. The singing in Footloose matches Walsh’s guitar riff in Funk 49. Same notes.

Below, The James Gang with Funk 59.

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