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Month: March 2021

Having never held a formal job, despite being a graduate of the University of Namibia (UNAM) with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Twapewa shares lessons, opinions and secrets that she has learnt over the years ranging from setting up and managing various types of businesses, some of which have failed and others became huge successes. […]

By Rocci Disopa:- No! Kenney Jones is a straight ahead, able bodied Rock n Roll drummer. I’ve seen him in the Faces a couple of times and with The Who. He did not disappoint. He was a good friend of The Who’s Keith Moon, and also of Pete Townsend as well. His no nonsense approach […]

By R J Holland For me it’s Funk 49. Great song. Three piece group of excellent musicians, The James Gang at the time of the recording consisted of Joe Walsh on guitar, Dale Peters on bass guitar and and Jim Fox on drums. Rousing song that always got them on the dance floor when my […]

By Scott Goldman:- In the song “Ain’t No Sunshine”, Bill Withers continues to sing “I know, I know” repeatedly, over and over. Others who recorded the song, with the seemingly endless repetition, include Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Prince, Sting, Isaac Hayes and Tom Jones. However, “I know” was never a part of the lyrics. Withers […]

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By Russell Spear:- Robert Plant was the god of rock frontmen from 1968–1980. He fronted the band that wrote Stairway To Heaven. Robert Plant was in a class by himself and he knew it. There was a book written about Led Zeppelin titled Hammer Of The Gods and it was aptly named. Robert Plant fronted that band […]


Amy Christa Ernano:- First off, he hasn’t gone by John Cougar in almost 40 years. The name is Mellencamp. This is an odd question to me, because Diamond and Mellencamp (both of whom I respect) have two very different sounds to my ears. Diamond has always been primarily a pop singer, and dominated the Easy […]

R J Holland – The Average White Band, from Scotland. It’s either Pick Up the Pieces or Cut the Cake. I’m going to go with Pick Up the Pieces. I played in a jazz/funk band for awhile and just loved it. We did Pick Up the Pieces. We also did Cut the Cake. To me, […]

Tony Wong – Answered:- I recently worked with a couple of millennials who I consider to be intelligent and relatively cultured, so I get a kick out of learning what the young ‘uns think about things. Admittedly it’s a small sample size. First surprise, but on further reflection it shouldn’t be, was their definition of […]