How did Freddie Mercury join the Queen?

Written by on January 27, 2021

Robin Meadows – Answered:

Question is a little bit unclear. If you are referring to the photos on the internet of Freddie with the Queen of England they are not real but photo shopped. He never met the Queen nor was he honored with a title. He was featured on a stamp from a series of stamps honoring great Britain’s that was approved by the Queen however.

Freddie did not join the band Queen. He formed the band Queen. Nor did he really join the band Smile. After Smile lost their lead singer Freddie who was good friends with everyone in the band definitely wanted to be in a band with the remaining members of Smile Brian May and Roger Taylor.

But he wanted a different kind of band with the name Queen, with costumes and glam style and with lighting and other effects. He didn’t believe in just standing and performing/singing in regular clothes as the band Smile had done. He felt that a good band would not just sing and perform but put on a big show.

Since Freddie was the mastermind behind the band Queen it’s more like the others joined him on his terms to form a new band. He even designed the band’s crest and wrote their three first hits including the one that catapulted them to fame worldwide Bohemian Rhapsody.

He played one gig under the name of Smile before the band became “Queen” as it took a little time to make the changes. Then because Smile had already been booked for a show before they broke up they went ahead and played once more under the name Smile but practically everything had changed under Freddie’s influence. That audience was in for a surprise.

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