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Written by on January 23, 2021

Blood and Feces, GG Allin did it first

If it was gross, anti-social and wouldn’t directly lead to the death of an audience member GG Allin was the man to do it.

The only time I saw him live he began the show with a box of puppies and a milking pail. Handing the pail to an audience member he’d instructed the crowd to spit into it. If anyone refused, he’d start killing puppies. No one refused the bucket.


As the songs ground on the pail was adequately filled, not to the brim but full enough with the spit, snot and phlegm of about six hundred people.

He drank it down. I remember the, gasping, cheering, jeering, the gags and vomit erupting from the crowd: full circle.

His next stunt was to remove blood from his arm with a syringe then injected the contents into his dick to enlarge it “Suck it” he bellowed over and over. This guy was insane!

The final stunt was to shove his mic up his own ass without dropping the beat. And he did it. The last songs of the set were belched into a band mate’s mic while GG hopped around with a microphone lodged soundly in his butt.

God help us Jesus Christ Allin, there’s no rest for this legend!

He died of a Heroin overdose summer of ‘93.

GG Allin – Wikipedia

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