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Month: January 2021

Robin Meadows – Answered: Question is a little bit unclear. If you are referring to the photos on the internet of Freddie with the Queen of England they are not real but photo shopped. He never met the Queen nor was he honored with a title. He was featured on a stamp from a series […]

John Howard Sr. – Answered: Back in the U.S.S.R. was originally released in 1968 by the Beatles as the opening track from their classic album The Beatles (a/k/a The White Album). Although it’s the first song on the album, the Beatles had been working in the studio three months before they began working on it. The inside story behind […]

By Gil Kaufman 1/25/2021 Megan Thee Stallion dropped the official dance video version of “Body” on Sunday (Jan. 24), busting out her best moves with her dance crew in a dramatically lit setting. The clip — directed by “WAP” helmer Colin Tilley with choreography by JaQuel Knight (Beyoncé, Britney Spears) — finds Meg and her six backup […]

R J Holland – Answered: Swinging Blue Jeans members were Ray Ennis lead guitar with that awesome voice, Les Braid, bass guitar/keyboards, Ralph Ellis, rhythm guitar and badass drummer Norman Kuhlke. Les Braid is the only Blue Jean who has passed away. I just loved these guys. They were just tough sounding rock and roll […]

Jeff Lewis – Answered: George did ring Paul to ask him to participate at Madison Square Garden but the concert fell short only a three months after the big court case that effectively dissolved the Beatles Ltd. Paul didn’t understand why after fighting George, Ringo and John for so long in court he would jump […]

Blood and Feces, GG Allin did it first If it was gross, anti-social and wouldn’t directly lead to the death of an audience member GG Allin was the man to do it. The only time I saw him live he began the show with a box of puppies and a milking pail. Handing the pail […]

I’ll give you my personal top three. Runnin’ Down a Dream. Peter Bogdanovich directed this 2007 gem about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Petty himself was a sincerely charming and engaging guy, and the story of the band, from their beginnings in Gainesville, Florida, to the top of the charts and beyond, is genuinely absorbing. […]

By Keith Caulfield 1/19/2021 The collaborative album also enters at No. 1 on Americana/Folk Albums & No. 3 on Top Country Albums. Barry Gibb’s all-star collaborations album Barry Gibb & Friends: Greenfields – The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1 debuts at No. 2 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart (dated Jan. 23), after selling 24,000 copies in the U.S. in the […]

Even if you never listen to the Beatles or think they are all that special, most of you already know they were the biggest music act of all time and had a huge influence. But most of you don’t know why they broke up. That was a big day in history as well. How-did-The-Beatles-come-up-with-the-song-back-in-the-USSR Per […]

R J Holland – Answered: Once you know how to drum and it comes easy to you, it’s not that hard to sing and drum. I have been a professional drummer for thirty years and I sing. It may be difficult when you are learning to play drums to sing and drum at the same […]