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Month: December 2020

Different people have had different reasons to dislike Pink Floyd. Here are a few reasons: They use machines to make all their music, and they aren’t a real band. (False) Musically, they aren’t all that good. (I disagree). Their music is demented and insane (I disagree) and encourages people to take LSD and damage their […]

After the band Cream broke up, Eric Clapton wanted to join a music group that he had just heard for the first time, but he never got up the nerve to ask them. What group was this? Clapton was not so pleased anymore with the heavy rock blues-rock he did with Cream. When he heard […]

What jeans was Freddie Mercury wearing at Live Aid? Wrangler. It was the only brand he ever wore and Peter Freestone had to stock up on them any chance he got when they were in the USA they weren’t easy to find in U.K. or Europe. Read: Living In NY as a Musician The question […]