Month: December 2020

Two words for you: Steve Miller. I grew up on the Steve Miller Band, and they cranked out hits, at least in the States. “The Joker”. “Rock’n Me”. “Fly Like an Eagle”. “Take the Money and Run”. “Jet Airliner”. “Abracadabra”. I was playing the “Fly Like an Eagle” LP on my phonograph when I was […]

I’m going to go with 70s pop outfit Sailor. Here they are look So the singer has a 12 string acoustic, there’s a pretty standard drum kit, and two people playing what looks like a small shed. Who-really-played-the-instruments-for-the-Monkees The group’s Norwegian leader Georg Kajanus, invented this contraption, the Nickelodeon, to create the studio sound live. […]

Vincent Damon Furnier better known as Alice Cooper who formed his first band “The Spiders” while in high school in Arizona in the mid 1960’s went on to become known as Alice Cooper, a name familiar to many. Following the completion of school he would start several other bands being “The Earwigs” and “The Nazz” […]

From an orchestra recording a film score to, say, the American Idol band doing a rearrangement? The American Idol band is truly one of the hottest bands around. All session, touring musicians. These guys know their stuff. American Idol House Band: MD – Kris Pooley, Keys – Peter Dyer, Guitar – Greg Suran, Guitar – […]

I am 25 and this is why I am am a metal head. I was once a kid and I hated loud music and I hated people who listened to loud music. I was a die hard hip hop and rap fan and even created a small mixtape my self But after my girlfriend broke […]

Killer Mike and El-P, as action figures, lead a revolution in the stop-motion visual By Madison Bloom December 29, 2020 Run the Jewels’ Killer Mike and EL-P, photo by Jonathan Mannion Run the Jewels have shared a stop-motion music video for their RTJ4 song “walking in the snow.” The video—helmed by “Burn the Witch” and “Don’t Get Captured” director Chris Hopewell—features […]

Electronic artists ranging from Jayda G to Roísín Murphy to Lorenzo Senni sound off on a year without dancefloor catharsis for their songs, and themselves. These are their imagined raves. By Jazz Monroe December 28, 2020 Just as they can for a person, nightclubs hold the power to transform a song forever. DJs speak of the […]

Tracklist This show features tracks by Jamiroquai, Adeva, The Shapeshifters, Geraldine Hunt, Jackie Moore and more.

Tracklist This show features tracks by Marie Davidson, John Tejada, Joris Voorn, Franky Rizardo, Cloud 9 and more.

It’s one of the greatest grooves in drum history. Made up of parts of the Bernard Purdie Half Time Shuffle and the beat John Bonham used in Fool in the Rain which Bonham borrowed from Purdie actually, but what Jeff Porcaro did was he made the whole thing his own. It’s actually quite a bit […]

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