Did the Beatles enjoy jazz music such as Miles Davis and Charlie Parker?

Written by on July 14, 2020

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I remember the John Lennon quote: “Jazz starts nowhere, goes nowhere, arrives nowhere”. The Jazz claim to be “better than other contemporary music Genres”, is plainly wrong. The idea it sucks in great musicians, and any other musicians that don’t “get it”, are less than Jazz Musicians, is an arrogance beyond my understanding of music.

The only thing I can say in it’s favour, is it is better LIVE, than on records. Why this is, I can only hazard a guess, it creates “an atmosphere”. Now there are no longer Smokey Bars, even that has gone. Parts of any great city like London, has the feeling of a little village, within the City. The late night Live Music venues, in the centre of London, created that feeling. So The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Jimi Hendrix, all hung out together in the London village Night Life. Sucking up both new and old influences. John Lennon wanted his guitar parts to have the Amp Overdrive sound, and he got quite nasty at Abbey Road, when they didn’t deliver these sounds for him, usually because they had never heard them.

I’ve never heard a Paul McCartney quote on Jazz, I just think that’s a lack of interest in it, so from that point of view, The Beatles did every Music Genre, except Jazz, must be because Jazz did nothing for them.

The Cavern in Liverpool was originally a Blues Bar, so the Beatles had a few Blues covers just in case anyone stopped them, but that was tokenism. NOT playing Blues, but Skiffle, Rock and Roll, and Pop, was the reason The Beatles cracked America so easily. The American Radio was very racist, and played no Black Man Music Genres. White boys playing the Black Man’s music like Elvis, was acceptable, but only just acceptable, still preferring Rock and Pop. Chuck Berry nicknamed the “Father of Rock and Roll” was a break through, but only because his music was so infectious. Little Richard too. As the Youth Culture was growing, because kids had income, they were rejecting their parent’s influence, preferring a more open, liberal attitude to Blacks. I have lived in Cities, and come across “Drop-outs”, who would have otherwise gone to University, in the 60;s, but were stuck, usually distressed, in some time warp, were they can never go back to that past, and change that choice.

The American influence Post War, in England, was a New York to Liverpool connection, of a second income for sailors, of Pop Records, and Quality Guitars. London was far more cosmopolitan, sucking in the World, not just America, and so the Rolling Stones, the Who, The Moody Blues, and such like Bands, were not so Pop orientated.

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